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Wizard’s Toolkit is available on an annual subscription basis per domain name. Free updates with new enhancements and features are provided at least quarterly.

No-code solutions often cost hundreds of dollars monthly and require you to use their hosting. They are limited in what you can do because your website is hosted on their servers.

Wizard’s Toolkit is a library that you can modify as much as you like and then upload to your own servers. You have complete flexibility and control. Because of that we believe low-code and self-hosting is the best solution.

60 day money-back guarantee *


PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!



PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

The annual subscription price is locked-in to perpetuity at the price you initially sign up. Subscription costs for Wizard’s Toolkit are expected to increase in the future so lock in your rate now.

Guarantee: If at any time within the first 60 days of subscription you decide Wizard’s Toolkit is not right for your project we will return 100% of your funds and cancel your subscription.

Toolkit Constantly Improving

Our development team use Wizard’s Toolkit for all our clients and often make core enhancements. You will have access to our private GIT repository and can choose which enhancements to adopt for your own. We generally make all enhancements backwards compatible and add detailed documentation when this is not the case.

We value your input and recommendations. Your feedback is what will make this low-code library an even greater powerhouse of productivity.

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Of course Wizard’s Toolkit is built for developing on localhost. Download and see for yourself how fast you can develop using this low-code development environment. You will be amazed at how much works automatically and is pre-configured but easily modified for your needs. If you have worked with ZendFramework… it is nothing like that. Wizard’s Toolkit is intuitive and easy to code, find code, and modify. See our setup instructions online in our documentation.