Wizards Toolkit

The Wizards Toolkit is a low-code development library to make website and mobile-app development easier and quicker. It provides a huge number of features and functionality automatically which should save hundreds of hours of development.

This code library was created in 2009 and each year we have improved and expanded upon it. Using a combination of PHP, SQL, JavaScript and MaterializeCSS, the development of full-featured websites and mobile apps is fast and maintaining them is easy. Low-code is the newest trend. This allows you to jump-start your development and then continue developing but you focus on the crucial customized aspect for your specific business and leave the routine back-end processing to the library.

Power of Low-Code Development

Jump Start

Get a jump start on your development. When you start with the Wizards Toolkit your site will already have the basics covered. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Registration for new accounts, Forgot Password feature, Login/Logout functionality and a basic Dashboard... Read more

Report Manager

If you have SQL skills or SQL staff who do not know PHP, the Wizards Report Manager makes generating web pages with complex reports very easy. Your SQL staff writes a SELECT query and chooses which columns to be centered or right-aligned, which should be sortable, and... Read more

App Features

Every company and website needs to have an App or at least to look good when viewed on a smart phone. The entire Wizards Toolkit library was built with this in mind so all pages have Responsive design. When you make a database, HTML, or PHP change it is... Read more

Saving Data

Most coders have to write complex pages to save the data for every page that allows updating. The Wizards Toolkit pages handle all of that without needing to write a single line of code. Data is saved and we log who changed or inserted the data, what was changed, and... Read more


Our code writes code! Paste in a working SQL SELECT query and choose a few options to add extra features like quick-filters, then press a button and PHP pages are created which will display data from your database and allow updating. Web Page Wizard creates both a listing page and associated update page.



The Wizards Toolkit contains over 40 SQL tables which manage and track everything from users to errors to data updates.

  • User Management
  • Error Logging
  • Failed Access / Hacker Tracking and lockout
  • Update Logs - who changed what and when
  • Data-driven Menus
  • Offsite Replication
  • Help System
  • Communication Tracking (Email and SMS)
  • Report Creation and Usage Tracking
How fast can you build with Wizards Toolkit? This fast!

The Wizards Toolkit is a low-code library which allows developers to build websites and mobile apps in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional development.

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Low-code environment works great with Agile Development!

Low-code lends itself well to the Agile methodology of application development by offering developers the ability to quickly build new pages and modify current ones. More organisations are realising the business value of becoming agile and efficient with low code development platforms, along with how they provide solutions to common development problems like technical debt and process inefficiencies.

One of the most important advantages of low-code developmennt compared to no-code is all the source code is on your server. You have 100% control and ability to modify or enhance. With no-code you can, and often do, hit limitations where there is no possible solution.

Business valuation of low-code development

Low-code development platforms allow development teams to build and deploy websites and mobile applications faster. Decreasing your organizations time-to-market means having revenues start streaming in sooner, and beating your competition to market. With the Agile methodologies and ease of adding enhancements, your apps and website will be able to expand and change as quickly as the market requires. Improved, faster productivity means increasing ROI. Using Wizards Toolkit gives you a jump start on development saving you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. Every page is responsive design ready for websites AND for mobile apps. Coding with the Wizards Toolkit makes development fast, consistent and therefore saves you time and money.